Media Day at the Range 2014

“One of the most comfortable shooting high power AR 10 platform rifles I have ever run.”

Reed Snyder –Firearms Radio Network

“Surprisingly easy to shoot. Far less recoil than any other .300 win mag I have shot before.”

-The Firearm Blog

“Shockingly low recoil for caliber. The muzzle brake does its job…and lets your hat know it!”

Dave Norman , Editor -Beckett Media’s Tactical World Magazine

“This gun is soooo smooth! No kick at all. I’m going to be dreaming about it tonight!”

Carrie Wilson –Western Outdoor News

“I have had to carry a .50 cal in combat. Very heavy and not very combat effective when moving long distances. For years, we have been looking for a .300 win mag in this platform. No recoil and not that heavy. Really impressed with this gun.”

Josh Kisner, Field Activities Director –Military Warriors Support Foundation, Texas Trophy Hunters

“I was very impressed with the ease of shooting and lack of recoil of the MPA 300 Guardian. If I didn’t know it beforehand, I would not have guessed the rifle was chambered in .300 win mag.”

Kyle Lynch, author –Book of the Long Range Rifle

“Shoots great, accurate and very - very smooth.”

Tim Harmsen, Colonel–Military Arms Channel

“A well-built semi-auto in a great caliber: .300 win mag. Obviously built to a very high standard. A joy to shoot – smooth and soft shooting.”

John Snow –Outdoor Life

“Amazing gun, mild recoil – actually unexpected - and fun as hell to shoot.”

Franco Palamaro –All4shooters.com

“Amazing recoil management! I could see every hit. Great trigger.

Chris Denham –Elk Hunter Magazine / Western Hunter

“light/maneuverable, light recoil/great feel. Smooth foregrip/upper.”

Paul Thorpe –Navy Seals

"Smooth recoil, accurate, not too much kick."

Mark Rolfes - Pelican

“This rifle is fantastic. Rock solid, accurate and operates like any MSR. Recoil is no problem – you can shoot this rifle all day. Amazing from a large caliber round.”

Jeff Davis –Whitetails Unlimited

“Lightweight, low recoil, semi-auto, nailing steel at 930 yards, oh, and by the way, it’s a 300 win mag.”

Keith Weaver – Aimpoint

“The MPA300 Guardian is my pick for best rifle at Media Day (the range day that proceeds SHOT Show). It has up to twice the range of an M110 and packs a much greater punch.”

Steve Johnson – The Firearm Blog

“The semi-auto AR platform, using double stack magazines, delivers amazing results that should quell most of the concerns any skeptic might have. Despite a continuous strong debate on the accuracy of semi-auto precision rifles versus traditional bolt-action rifles, in my opinion, the MPA300 joins a short list of semi-auto rifles that could go the distance with the best. “

Aaron, Swat Sniper – Guns Holsters and Gear

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